"Pro-level Sports Science for everyone"

Coaching. Nutrition. Consultancy.


At Palmares we only offer one coaching package as our customers deserve the best.
Fully bespoke training, and unlimited contact with your coach. Simple. Effective.
£250 per month.

The Team

Dr Jonathan Baker


Ph.D in Exercise Physiology
Former Elite XC Mountain Bike

Dr Chris Bartlett

Head Coach

Ph.D in Organic Chemistry
Former Professional Cyclist

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Dr Sophie Killer

Head Nutritionist

Ph.D in Performance Nutrition
Recreational Cyclist

Robert Brundish


Professional Triathlete

John Findley



Matthew Dixon


Goat Rustler

Shannon Fizer


Runner and Nordic Skiier

Why Palmares?

Maximal gains!

Lots has been reported about "marginal gains" over the past few years. We believe in "maximal gains", get the really important stuff right first:  
Training,  Fuelling,  and Resting!

Of course, we have the expertise to also provide the the marginal gains. 

Remember, there is no golden ticket: smart and hard work are always required. 

Cutting Edge Sports Science

We are a team of scientists, and athletes with a passion to help you succeed.

Bespoke Solutions

Everything is designed around your specific strengths and weaknesses, goal, and life.


At Palmares we aim to educate our clients to be fundamentally better athletes.


Despite all the science, our services are incredibly simple to execute.


Rapha: Pro Team training camps

A Pro Team Camp will get you in shape at the start of the season and prepare you for the challenges to come. That might mean some mountain experience on the way to peak form for a Gran Fondo, or a serious block of training designed to hone race fitness before the start of a season’s campaign: either way, a Pro Team Camp will give you the focus you need to work towards your goals.We will help you build your form on carefully selected routes in some of Europe’s hotspots for pro cycling, and offer training insights that will help you make a real improvement to your riding. You will amass early-season miles in the same way the pros do: hard days on fabulous terrain without distraction, and serious eating and relaxation at night. Rapha’s take on the traditional training camp isn’t spartan, however: you and your friends will benefit from Rapha’s signature support and high-quality service. 

Cyclefit: Bike-fitting, and so much more.

Cyclefit was a response fifteen years ago by co-founders, Julian and Phil, to a knowledge vacuum of how the body and bicycle interacted. It was implied that this could be entrusted to feel or even trial and error. But this didn’t explain why people often under-performed, or worse, rode in pain. Jules and Phil started their exploration with a couple of guiding principles: firstly – to collaborate with willing physios, surgeons, doctors, sports scientists, podiatrists, professional cyclists, bike-designers, psychologists etc to push the subject forward. And secondly: never send technology to do the work of a human. Bike-fitting is hugely demanding and complex subject that should involve high levels of critical reasoning, which takes a long time to develop. It is exciting that in Palmares we have found a friend and partner who share our restless minds and a desire to learn and progress within a passionate team. 

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